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Ridgerunners membership includes-Club access & functions, newsletters and SMOOTH TRAILS. It also includes NYSSA Associate.
 1 yr single membership         (  ) $30.00
1 yr family membership(  ) $40.00
5 yr single membership(  )$150.00
5 yr family membership          (  ) $200.00
10 yr single membership        (  )           $300.00
10 yr couple membership       (  )           $400.00
 Family memberships include children under the age of 18 within the household. 18 and over must apply for own membership.
(  ) The NYSSA default is that a member will receive occasional offers and promotions from NYSSA sponsors. If you are at least 18 years of age and wish to receive these promotions, please check the preceding box.
Life members are encouraged to join NYSSA membership. Please indicate which option you would like:
New York State Snowmobile Association (NYSSA) membership includes:
(  ) Associate  ($5.00) Individual or family membership card, a decal, 4 NYSSA newsletters to be mailed directly to the member.

If  you are currently a member of NYSSA through another club , please provide your current NYSSA membership number below along with the name of the club. The above dues include a $5.00 yearly membership, please subtract that amount from your total if you are not joining NYSSA through Salisbury Ridgerunners.

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New NYSSA Membership # ________________________(to be assigned by Ridgerunners) 

Existing Trailer Plate # to aid in member parking control _______________________
(For members who need to trailer their sleds to the club to ride)
Salisbury Ridgerunners Inc./NYSSA
Membership Application

Please note: We have changed our membership year to run from Sept.1st to Aug. 31st which is the same as NYSSA and the snowmobile registrations. If you renew by mail, we will mail you a registration voucher for DMV along with your membership card and parking sticker. You can also join online and receive an instant downloadable voucher at the NYSSA website, or online through Ridgerunners and the voucher will be e-mailed to you. Without an official voucher, you will have to pay $100.00 per sled registration. Join today!
NYSSA signup.
Janadene Stallman,
Membership Chairman
PO BOX 287
Salisbury Center, NY 13454
Join online now through Ridgerunners!
Click either Single or Family. 
Vouchers will be mailed / e-mailed upon verification of information and payment processing.
You can also join at the clubhouse just come on in and ask at the bar they will be happy to help you!  When is the clubhouse open?
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