Trail Map & Conditions

Trail Map & Conditions

Trails Direction Last Groomed Condition
C4 Norway 1/28 Fair Watch for water holes.
C4A East to Stratford 1/28 Poor Watch for water/mud holes.
C4A West to East Herkimer Ice House 1/27 Poor
C4E Middleville 1/28 Poor
C4F Switchback 1/27 Poor Watch for mud/water holes. Bring your clippers.
C8A East 1/28 Poor
C8C Keyser 1/25 Poor
S42 Salisbury Center 1/28 Poor
S81 Dolgeville / Little Falls 1/28 Poor
S84 Rod & Gun 1/28 Poor

For additional information on trails and their conditions, please contact our Trail Coordinator, Sarah Reinemann.

Trail Condition Descriptions

Closed: May be closed due to land owner’s needs, or other issues. Otherwise these trails may have bad wet spots, or have no snow. Trails may have open water or thin ice that is not passable. Some of the trails may look to have good snow pack, but are dangerous and impassable in places!
DO NOT ride these trails!

Poor: Wet spots and bare spots likely, trail lacks snow, may be somewhat impassable in some areas and may not be groomed.

Fair: Some wet spots, or bare spots and may not be groomed. Trails may be rough in some areas due to lack of snow, however they are passable.

Good: Snow covered, groomed and smooth, may have minor wet spots or bare spots, and are passable.

Very Good: Good snow cover with solid base, groomed and smooth, not wet spots or bare spots, very passable.

Excellent: Solid base with very good snow cover that should hold even if temperatures rise for a short time. Groomed and very smooth. It does not get any better than this!!

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